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Metabolic Re-Set for Long Term Weight Loss

If you are serious about losing weight and improving your health, we have a solution that may solve your weight loss battle once and for all. Sally is a friend on mine who lives in the UK. She and work together, representing LifePlus products.

In the video Sally not only tells her weight challenges and success, but gives a wonderful overview of how the metabolic re-set actually works. Watch the video in its entirety - at the end she shares before and after pictures of herself and others. Plus, it wasn't just weight loss, but often people found it was the answer to other health problems.

Note: a stone equals 14 pounds.

Note: kilo equals 2.2 pounds.

Ready to Lose that Unwanted Weight and Improve Your Health?

Contact me, David Cooley, so we can discuss the program, and how to approach reset for maximum results! Steps MUST be followed to GET RESULTS.

For our members, we provide consultations and the 21-Day Reset Companion Guide Protocol and Reset Recipe booklet at NO CHARGE. How do you become a member? Contact David and I will send you a link to join our private group - easy and simple.

Testimonial picture - after two cycles:

Contact David if you are serious about losing weight, colon cleansing, or have any questions about the LifePlus products.

Sally's friend Steve

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Sally's Testimonial

Sally Continued

Recommended Products for Metabolic Reset Program

LifePlus has a Reset Bundle, which Includes Products Listed Below, all the Basic Core, plus Activated Salt, XCell, and Triple Protein. Note Triple Protein contains dairy.

Basic Core Only (Daily BioBasics Light, Omegold, MSM Plus, Proanthenol 100 SV)

The LifePlus products work synergistically with each other. For our non-dairy friends, if you are lactose intolerant, PLEASE NOTE, Triple Protein CONTAINS whey/dairy.

Another great supplement to use on regular basis, and especially during the Metabolic Reset is Perfect Amino. It contains eight essential amino acids for building LEAN MUSCLE AND COLLAGEN, 99% utilized, and with virtually no calories. It comes in tablets or powder powder (Mixed Berry, Strawberry or Lemon). Take on empty stomach for maximum benefits, 30 mins before eating.

Why I recommend and use LifePlus products:

The following, from the author of Rebalance your Metabolism in 21-Days:

A Few More Success Photos

If you have any concerns, consult with your health professional before beginning any dietary, exercise, or supplemental changes to your routine.

The metabolic reset program is NOT recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

For diabetics, it is mandatory to consult their doctor before starting the metabolic diet. Any medication may need to be adjusted after checking/monitoring blood sugar levels.