Amino Acids, a Key Factor of Youthfulness

When you think protein, what you are really talking about are amino acids. When you consume protein the body must go through a process to break it down into amino acids. Depending upon the type of protein and amount you eat at any given time also determines how much of it is actually usable protein, and how much ends up as fat, unused or undigested waste that the body must eliminate or worst, gets stored as putrefied waste.

Increase Muscle Mass and Collagen

Perfect Amino can be a great compliment to your regular dietary routine for several reasons: Its a great addition for us that want to build or preserve lean muscle mass. Many of us are also looking for ways to increase collagen for a more youthful appearance. Perfect Amino provides the key building blocks of collagen, which for me personally is healthier and a much better way than using those collagen powders made from animal parts. With Perfect Amino you are getting the key essential amino acids and nothing else.

PerfectAmino is pure essential amino acids in a form and ratio that is both 99% utilized by the body to build new protein and collagen, and completely absorbed into the bloodstream within an average of 23 minutes - by anyone, no matter the state of their digestive system.

PerfectAmino is pure essential amino acids in the exact ratio needed by the human body to make new protein and collagen without waste or calories. It won't even break a fast. And, as it's 99% utilized, it can be used to prevent muscle loss during Intermittent Fasting and even gain lean muscle.

Plus, if taken 20-30 minutes before a workout, it will be fully absorbed into your bloodstream by the time you start and able to help repair micro-tears in the muscle as they occur. This dramatically improves endurance and recovery time.

For me personally, I'm always looking for ways to reverse, improve upon, or hold on to energetic youthfulness. Will what I am doing or consuming make me stronger and leaner? Is what I am consuming free of toxins, support proper blood sugar levels, brain function, cellular energy, and digestive and gut environment? To answer those issues and more, part of my protocol are amino acids.

PerfectAmino is pure Essential Amino Acids and nothing else. It is 100% vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free and Dairy-Free.

It has no fillers, coatings or additives, just the essential amino acids in a form that is 99% utilized to build new protein and collagen for muscle, skin, hair, bones, nerves, endocrine function, ligaments and tendons. And, as it's 99% utilized, this means almost no calories.

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