Why LifePlus?
What Convinced Me to Try LifePlus?

When it comes to supplementation, whether it be capsules, powders, or liquids, I view it as another form of FOOD. Just as I am very particular about the food I consume, it's the same approach and criteria I apply to the supplements/neutracueticals I choose to ingest.

Personally, I want ingest products that contain organic ingredients. If a nutrient can't be organically sourced, I want it to come from a farm that uses organic principles, just not certified as such. And that's what I get with LifePlus. The company's care in sourcing, and testing every batch to make sure its free of pesticides, heavy metals, etc, is superb. In addition, I really like that the products are cold pressed, preserving nutrient value.

Bioavailability is of the utmost importance, otherwise why spend your money. We all know that a person requires adequate stomach acid to break down food, and importance of a clean colon, free of impacted waste and sludge so that our villi in the small intestine can absorb the nutrients for delivery throughout the body. I am particularly impressed and appreciate that these products are formulated with an exclusive PhytoZyme® base of plant enzymes for increased bioavailability!

What convinced me to consider LifePlus and try their products, was a conversation I had with both Sally and Holly. I asked them to make this video so you can hear for yourself the challenges they faced, and what turned their health conditions around.