If you are in your 40's,
DEFINITELY if in your 50's,
and ABSOLUTELY if in your 60's or beyond ...

and you've been lax in the
personal care of your aging
physical and mental health,

I invite you to join me
and others, who have
decided to take CONTROL
of the state of their health,

Age Reversing International,
a Private Membership, Research Society



My name is David Cooley.
We are in the first phase of our bigger vision of opening a natural health center in central CA.

We share information
and provide services
that focus on

We have DECLARED WAR on: INFLAMMATION, PAIN, and AGING HEALTH DIS-ORDERS, while offering and recommending specific therapies, protocols, and products that engage the body's
Regenerative Systems!

Are your health issues causing you concern,
or great DISCOMFORT?

On a daily basis are you struggling with
discouragement, worry, hopelessness?
Do you feel alienated,
isolated, or lonely?
Have you slipped over into pharmaceutical dependency, eating disorders, or even thoughts of suicide?

These are ‘REAL’ ISSUES
needing ‘REAL’ SOLUTIONS …

because without RESOLUTION …
imbalances and disorders
will continue to
and when not
addressed correctly,
will continue to WORSEN!

But there is HOPE!
Improve Your Quality
of Life!

Often the treatment for pain, inflammation, or other debilitating disorders is medication.
Usually this is an attempt to manage an issue, often blocking something in the body,
but not correcting the cause.

Let me share a personal story of my mother-in-law and her doctor's prescribed drug use …

I don’t recall her age at the time, probably somewhere in her 60’s, she had developed terrible arthritic pain in her entire body, making it difficult to even get out of bed. I recall the day when my wife and I drove her to one of her doctor appointments. As we stood outside the office door, I vividly remember my mother-in-law saying, “I don’t care what they give me, I just want this pain to go away!”

I didn’t blame her, but I knew her decision wasn’t going to end well. She did get relief but the drugs took a terrible toll.

As her health declined, the doctors told her that she had developed osteoporosis. They put her on another pharmaceutical that not only did little for the problem, but contributed further to her declining health, and loss of quality of life. She began showing signs of memory failure and developed dementia. There finally came a point when we had to place her in residential care. Shortly thereafter, she fell and broke her hip. Within a couple months she passed away.

Unfortunately, her story is all too common!

So, I have to ask, ‘Are You OKAY with MEDICATIONS and MASKING SYMPTOMS?’

Let’s be honest, “DISEASE IS NOT

Back ache, arthritic pain, or clogged arteries didn’t just one day decide to show up. It was a result of years of preparation – poor diet, poor nutrition, poor lifestyle habits, poor gut health, acidity, toxicity, and prolonged stress and the emotions that accompany it.

Did you know Alzheimer’s/dementia begins about 20 years before the first symptoms show up?

Unless you are periodically testing your bones, loss of bone density isn’t detectable. Someone with osteoporosis won’t know it until the disease is more advanced.

Years of chemical and toxic buildup, parasites, and a decrease in cellular vibrational energy works against the repair and healing mechanisms of the body.

But when a person takes corrective action and turns their health issues around,
that’s called age reversal.

You can address pain and inflammation naturally, rebuild bone and keep it strong, improve brain function, activate genes that have been turned off, gain muscle strength, improve skin, restore cellular energy, change your internal environment … and in doing so, regain a more youthful, active, and energetic life.

So, if shopping, gardening, or playing with your children or grandchildren is no longer a part of your daily routines.
OR sitting and standing, opening a jar, preparing a meal, or any type of mobility in general has become more difficult,
I really doubt that one more doctor’s appointment is going to make any difference.

Regeneration … Rejuvenation …
Improved Quality of Life

Our services and products are non-invasive, and align themselves to the body's design, and support healthy lifestyle habits. You keep your clothes on, no needles, nor pharmaceuticals!

In addition to our services, we recommend nutritional products, that are synergistically formulated, and highly bioavailable, providing powerful nutrition. And cleansing protocols that can be used to remove years of toxic buildup and improve organ function.

Whether its inflammation, pain, or other numerous aging disorders, with our services and products, or a combination of them, we invite you to take part and chart your new destiny!

Five Pillars of Health

Whether we are speaking of age reversal, anti-aging, prevention of disease, general wellness, lifestyle, or daily maintenance, I have prepared 5 Pillars of Health for our members, as well as visitors, to access and review. These are designed to provide a road map to glean from, in support of your personal health care journey.

Age Reversing Cellular Energy

A decrease in one's cellular energy level can negatively impact nearly every aspect of the body's repair and healing process.

We are electrical and energetic beings. Everything in creation has an energy or a vibrational frequency. When our cells don't receive, or can't produce enough energy, organs and tissues take a big hit, and the repair and healing process is greatly affected.

Proper cellular energy is what fuels or drives cells to function optimally, and is essential for overall health, immune function, vitality, mental clarity, physical performance, and for offsetting the aging process.

Age Reversing International, or its services, does not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease. We are not doctors or medical professionals. All content shown on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. If you need medical help, please consult with a physician.

We are a private membership research society/association. This website and its information is a resource for our members. Our services, such as the Theraphi, is a research project, which we make available to members only.