Puradyme Liyf Products – Enzymes and Probiotics

Puradyme's products are extremely high-quality, and highly active products offered by a company with high integrity.

Enzymes and probiotics are our life force. Enzymes are responsible for delivering and digesting nutrients to removing toxins, purifying the blood, and strengthening the immune system. They are the sparks of life and the workers throughout the body that keep us functioning!

Probiotics, contribute to digestion and work to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and fight against the harmful bacteria that reside in our intestines.

Overview of PuraDyme Products – Enzymes

LiyfZyme: LiyfZyme is a full-spectrum, plant-based, digestive enzyme blend with natural whole food enzyme cofactors. These create a soothing effect even for those who have extreme heartburn or indigestion. With 16 different enzymes, LiyfZyme puts back the ‘Life in Your Food’. To be taken with meals.
PuraZyme – are specific enzymes targeting metabolic functions in the body (cellular activity and the running of body processes). PuraZyme was designed to assist the body in the natural regeneration of cells!
It contains ‘proteolytic enzymes’ that help break down excess fibrin, and also contains antioxidants, which assist the body in fighting degenerative diseases, neutralizing free radicals, and slowing down the aging process.
PuraZyme was designed with higher activities, focusing on the undigested proteins, carbs, and fats which can cause putrefaction, fermentation, and rancidity in the body. Undigested nutrients can become toxic to the body attracting parasites, viruses, unfriendly bacteria, yeast, and fungus. As these enzymes break down undigested proteins, carbs, and fats, one’s internal environment changes. As balance returns, plaque buildup and toxicity are reduced.
These enzymes further assist in the reduction of fibrin in the bloodstream and assist in the regulation of the immune system. Enhanced with co-factor whole food blend. To be taken in between meals.

PuraDyme Products – Probiotics

Puradyme has two probiotic products. Each contains the same synergistic 5-strains of friendly bacteria. They contain the patented strain of DDS-1 acidophilus, which delivers documented proteolytic abilities to distinctly attack negative unfriendly pathogens (such as viruses, and bacteria that often encase themselves in a protective protein shell).
Maintaining high intestinal flora through these probiotics stimulates the immune system by increasing T-cells, producing natural antibiotics/antifungals, and strengthening the lining of the gut to help block pathogens: toxins, allergens, bloating, gas and yeast overgrowth.
To make cultured foods, such as non dairy yogurts, please note to specifically purchase LiyfBiotic. It can serve as both a culture for yogurt making, or as a probiotic supplement, whereas the Puraliyf product is not for culturizing, but is used as a probiotic supplement only.
LiyfBiotic (probiotics) comes in a powder form. It does not contain enzymes, which allows it to be culture for making yogurts and other cultured foods. Recipe for how to easily make Non-Dairy Coconut Yogurt.
Puraliyf combines all the health benefits of probiotics with the proteolytic capabilities of enzymes, this powerful multi-strain probiotic contributes to a natural, healthy intestinal tract using five synergetic strains of friendly bacteria!
finger pointingNOTE: Puradyme’s probiotic was put to test, and came out with a grade above the competition – Liyfbiotic is laboratory-verified, A+++ rating – read entire report. This once again demonstrates Puradyme’s commitment to producing only the best product quality. This applies to all their products. If it’s not good enough for Lou Corona’s personal use (owner of company), it’s not good enough for consumer use.

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