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The Theraphi, is a research project, which we make available to our members.

TheraPhi is a holistic, non-invasive device that creates a 'bio-active plasma field' of specific constructive frequencies and an energy environment affecting the body’s cellular regenerative system.

Why is this significant? Because the body requires proper cellular energy communication in order to sustain balance, and to heal and function optimally.

TheraPhi supports proper cellular communication which allows the body to divert power where needed in order to keep the body in balance.

TheraPhi is an evolution in the healing technologies pioneered by Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, and George Lakhovsky in the early 1900's. With the onset of allopathic/western medicine and pharmaceuticals, these technologies were shunned and pushed aside.

Then in the 1990's, Paul Harris of Canada and Dan Winters of France/USA, conceptualized a modern version of Lakhovsky's device, but more effective and advanced. The rest is history. You can now find TheraPhi devices in several hundred clinics worldwide, and in private homes around the world.

Tesla Coil

To create a bio-active field, the TheraPhi uses custom built computer/amplifier that drives a 500,000 volt Tesla coil to create a field of specific constructive frequencies based on phi-ratio mathematics/geometry. The signal produced powers two vacuum plasma lamps, containing a special blend of noble gases. The charge produced emits photons in resonance with electric and magnetic fields, along with various frequencies, to create a bio-active field.

A person lies down and relaxes between the two lamps, becoming part of the energy field created.


When using the TheraPhi, the specific frequencies and energy traveling through the body create an environment of negentropy. Negentropy is the reverse of entropy.

Entropy moves in one direction, toward disorder, fragmentation, and wear and tear on the body.

Negentropy, on the other hand, is “a life organizing principle” because it moves in the opposite direction, toward order. It’s a process of taking something back to its earlier state.

Negentropy is the key to understanding the health potential of using TheraPhi’s unique technology: waves of energy being strengthen as they come together, cancelling any distortions, while creating an internal environment for the body's own self repair and healing system.

Keep in mind, the TheraPhi DOES NOT heal anything, but rather SUPPORTS the body’s own repair and healing system. This provides an atmosphere of order, allowing the body to relax, repair, and heal itself, according to God's design.

Human Battery Charger

Being a frequency and energy device, based on non-invasive principle of holistic wellness, TheraPhi has been called a “human battery charger”. We know that the body’s ability to sustain health is determined by its energy (vibrational frequency) levels.

Think of your cells as batteries for the body, kind of like the batteries in your cell phone. When your cell phone gets depleted from everyday use, you must recharge it to work at its optimal levels. The TheraPhi device acts like a charging station for your cells. When your cells are working at optimal levels, their ability to heal, function, and create energy are at their highest potential.

In generating a specialized configuration of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields combined with light, TheraPhi distributes energy and electrons into every cell in the body. The wisdom of the body directs the energy to what it perceives to be the highest priority.

We all know that when switching from an unhealthy to a healthy diet, positive changes begin to take place throughout the body. Positive changes taking place internally are often felt or seen, but not always. Repair, healing, or preventing disease may also be a covert operation. Meaning, the body’s wisdom may first focus its energy on correcting tissues and organs that you will never feel, yet by doing so, is repairing disorders or keeping you from developing unwanted conditions. This is the type of regeneration state you want in the body! It's called being in a state of on-going health, versus in a state of sickness.

When using the TheraPhi we never know what the body's priorities might be, until a person feels or sees it. A person may come in with their priority list, but find other issues being addressed first, such as reduced inflammation, blood pressure being lowered, or any other number of positive changes.

Just know that God wonderfully made the body, and to achieve better health involves proper cellular energy and a lifestyle of consistent healthy habits that support repair, and helps in the maintenance and prevention of unwanted disorders.

Supplying the body with the raw energy it requires in a constructive and coherent way will naturally support the body’s innate ability to regulate proper circulation, lymphatic flow, cellular energy production, regeneration, and general mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Simply increasing energy levels in the biofield supports organs systems and dense tissues.

I found this TheraPhi video on Youtube, produced by someone who also offers the TheraPhi service in their specific location. Only 2 minutes long, but gives you a closer look and insight as to how the TheraPhi works - CLICK ON IMAGE:

Summarized, TheraPhi supports:

Cellular Optimization
Injury and Exercise Recovery
Emotional Balance and Relaxation

Cellular Respiration and Metabolism
Water Structuring
Lymphatic Flow
Harmony of Nerves and Nerve Transmission

During a session, the more relaxed a person is, physically and emotionally,
and focused on their health and healing with an attitude of gratitude, the better the body responds.

In other words, the body always responds better, down to the cellular level, when you are in a state of expectation and thankfulness, rather than when in negativity and chronic stress.

A typical treatment session is 30 minutes relaxing by yourself, clothed comfortably, and in a private room.
We do ask cellphones are left outside of the room.
Though TheraPhi supports the healing of our bodies, it can actually damage your electronics. See below - How to Prepare and Maximize Your TheraPhi Session.

Any person who has a an IUD, heart stint, pacemaker, internal insulin pump, or any internal electrical devices, are contraindicated for this service.

If this is you, we have other options to assist the body's repair and healing system, such as photo modulation. A simple and non-evasive method to stimulate one's own stem cell activity.
As well as, simple cleansing protocols and nutritional support.

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Donation Structure:
One 30-minute session - $55
Bundles available:
- $430, ten 30-minute sessions
- $360, eight 30-minute sessions
- $270, six 30-minute sessions
- $180, four 30-minute sessions
New Member Introductory Bundle Offer: must be completed within 3-5 weeks of starting, ten 30-minute sessions for $335.

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How to Prepare for and Maximize Your TheraPhi Session: