Colon Cleanse

If you are like most people, you clean the filters in your car more often than your clean the inner workings of the body.

Avoid unwanted colon and health issues. Make colon cleansing a twice a year event!

Before You Begin ... by David Cooley

The 16-Day Colon and Parasite Cleanse

The colon cleanse I would suggest trying is a 16-day protocol. I like this cleanse because it is more gentle than others I've seen or used.

The protocol is comprised of four LifePlus products. If you are in California, please note that two of the products are not allowed to be shipped into California. For that reason, I have substituted two others that will accomplish what's needed.

The protocol is designed to clean old waste out of the bowel, kill parasites, alkalize the body, and will even target the removal of heavy metals. And of course, drink plenty of fresh clean water, and move your body. If you have questions, please contact me.

Listen to Holly talk about her 30 year intestinal problem and how the colon cleanse and products changed her life!

For those anywhere in the world,
including the 49 states except California.
These are the four Life Plus Colon Cleanse products.
Click on links to view or order:

For those who live in California:
Because LifePlus is not allowed to ship their Cogelin fiber or Para Cleanse products into our state, I substituted those with two other products. 

Or find fiber product you like, such as psyllium powder.

Here is the 16 day protocol for using products. When reading the instructions, it will say Cogelin for fiber, and Para Cleanse for parasites. As stated, for those in California I suggested two other products to use in place of.

Click on link, download, and print protocol instructions:

Want to hear from others and what they think about the cleanse? Go and join my telegram room, David Cooley Elevated Nutrition. Weekly, we are posting testimonials, photos, and what people are achieving with various protocols and LifePlus products.

To maximize colon cleanse and health thereafter, I recommend the Basic Core products. If can afford only one, incorporate Daily BioBasics. All four are invaluable and have supported health improvements for people around the world. I suggest joining my telegram room, mentioned above, to read testimonies and view photos.

If you have any health issues or concerns, we always encourage you to check with your health professional before beginning new protocols, exercise programs, or supplementation.