5 Pillars of Health

I once read, 'there are no incurable diseases, only incurable people". That's quite a statement, but as we move through each Pillar of Health, you will begin to see the truth that lies within it.

When it comes to your personal health, I want you first to realize that within your being lies God's design for the body to repair and heal itself.

Everyday our bodies are replacing damaged or old dead cells with, hopefully, healthy ones. This is why it is so important to feed the body with the right raw building materials, and have a clean, optimally functioning system that can properly absorb what we are eating.

This is really good news because if we make new and better choices we can actually improve our health and even look younger.

In addition, health isn’t just a destination, it’s a lifelong journey that includes energy to live an active lifestyle, and live your God given passions and purpose. It’s about creating a safe, peaceful, expressive, and healthy environment around you, including your home, workplace, and your circle of friends and influence.

Health is about living each moment of life without being held back, emotionally or physically.

Faster aging, and basically all illness and disease, comes from a lack of energy down to the cellular level. The overall vibrational energetic life within a person can erode to such a degree that the immune system weakens, bodily functions slow down, and the repair and healing design of the body no longer has the ability to function at optimal levels.

When you realize the breakdown of the body, aging, and disease such as cancer, is NOT A RESULT OF A DRUG DEFICIENCY, but rather caused by a lack of energetic strength to ward off or repair what the body needs, you will open yourself up to a whole new approach in personal health care.

There are numerous things that cause the energetic life of the body to decline: acidity, poor gut health, toxicity levels, lack of vital nutrients, stress, inflammation, and the list goes on! As we go through the 5 Pillars of Health we will address causes, and provide recommendations.

And yes, you NOT ONLY CAN PREVENT disease, but you can REVERSE the age of the body by understanding what diminishes the energy and what sustains it.

However, before we begin, I want you to view and assess what's discussed in each Pillar through a specific filter, and that is ...

When God created the earth, He made Eden where He placed mankind. Everything about Eden was life-producing. His presence was there, He provided living food, pristine water and air. There wasn't anything about it that was death-producing.

I urge you to intentionally assess, whatever or not, every choice you make, from what you eat, speak, or take part in, is it life-producing or death-producing? Is it going to support health and longevity, or age you faster and contribute to the break down of the body. Pretty simple, yet so powerful because it will provide the direction to take in all your daily decisions.

Whether its age reversal, prevention, anti-aging, or diet and wellness improvements, these 5 Pillars of Health will give you direction to accomplish your health goals. Let's begin!

Pillar 1: Personal Assessment
Pillar 2: Cleansing the Body for Optimal Health
Pillar 3: Nutrition
Pillar 4: Supplementation / Movement / Hydration
Pillar 5: Brain Health for Life / Energetic Wrap-Up

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